Perfection in Every Direction

Colour Options

  • Vocal White
  • Hydro Blue
  • Minimal Grey
  • Exotica Red
  • Brilliant Black

Finesse Uncompromised

Jeep Compass - Plush Interiors

Plush Interiors

Leading the way in functional and premium design, the ski grey interiors of the Jeep® Compass are designed to pamper. The use of the choicest of leather and impeccable seat design, ensure maximum comfort even in the toughest terrains. The Jeep® Compass is available in two more options.

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Interior Features

  • Jeep Compass - Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel

    Leather wrapped
    steering wheel

  • Jeep Compass - Uconnect® Infotainment 
System with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Uconnect® infotainment
    system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • Jeep Compass - Dual-zone Automatic Temperature Control

    Dual-zone automatic
    temperature control

  • Jeep Compass - Sky Grey Leather Upholstery

    Ski grey leather

Captivating Stance

Jeep Compass - Captivating Stance

You can't take your eyes off it

The aerodynamic design of Jeep® Compass exudes an unmatched confidence. The distinct trapezoidal wheel arches, clever visual cues like the available black roof and bright chrome moulding that wraps dramatically around the entire length of the vehicle, gives the Jeep® Compass a premium and equally powerful profile.

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Dominate All Terrains

High on Adaptability

Jeep® Active Drive 4x4 System features a rear axle disconnect that seamlessly switches between two-wheel and four-wheel drive to help increase efficiency when 4x4 capability isn't needed.

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  • Jeep Compass - Active Drive 4x4 System For Auto Terrain


  • Jeep Compass - Active Drive 4x4 System For Snow Terrain


  • Jeep Compass - Active Drive 4x4 System For Sand Terrain


  • Jeep Compass - Active Drive 4x4 System For Mud Terrain


Force to be Reckoned With

Unmatched Power

2.0 Multijet II Turbo Diesel

The 2.0 Multijet II diesel engine drives a force of 173 ps, putting out a torque of 350Nm.
Fuel Efficiency -
• 4x2 – 17.1 km/l
• 4x4 – 16.3 km/l

Jeep Compass - 2.0 Multijet II Turbo Diesel Engine
Jeep Compass - 1.4 Multiair Petrol Engine

1.4 Multiair Petrol*

The 1.4 Multiair petrol engine belts out 163 ps with a torque measure of 250Nm.
Fuel Efficiency -
• 4x2 (Automatic) – 14.1 km/l

Smooth, Efficient Transmission

Effortless gear shifts give your ride unrivalled smoothness, as the Jeep® Compass comes with an option of 7-speed Dual Dry Clutch Transmission or 6-speed manual transmission. This lends split-second gear changes for a smooth drive at all speeds, while keeping the vehicle fuel efficient.

Jeep Compass - Transmission

Active Drive with Selec-Terrain®

The Active Drive engages when traction is needed to deliver the signature Jeep® capability. This system includes the Selec-Terrain® dial, which provides four modes (Auto, Snow, Sand and Mud) for the best four-wheel-drive performance on or off the road, in any weather.

Jeep Compass - Active Drive with Selec-Terrain®

As Secure as They Come

Jeep Compass - Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist

An example of intelligent engineering, Hill Start Assist (HSA) contributes to the safety of the vehicle and its passengers by automatically engaging and stopping the vehicle from rolling back on an incline, thus giving you a few seconds to accelerate forward.

Jeep Compass - Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

The EPB adapts based on the driver's actions. The automatic drive away release system senses if the vehicle is safe to launch and disengages. It also engages automatically when it senses open doors and unbuckled seat belts while the driver exits the vehicle without engaging the parking brake.

6 Air Bags

Full-length side curtains for front and rear-passengers, seat mounted side airbags for front occupants, driver single-stage and front passenger dual-stage air bags - all work together to surround you with confidence.

Jeep Compass - 6 Air Bags
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