Stunning Black Gloss Alloys 

Show off your style with the new 40.64 cms (16) Gloss Black Alloy Wheels on the Jeep® Compass Bedrock. 

Special Edition Bedrock Floor Mats 

Equipped with Special Edition Bedrock Floor Mats, be assured your SUV’s floor is protected against dust and mud from your outdoor adventures, while also adding a touch of style to your cabin. 

Collector’s Badge 

Wear your credentials with pride on your limited-edition Jeep® Compass Bedrock and show the world the mark of an adventurer. 

Signature Sporty Bedrock Decals 

The distinct Bedrock decals on the Jeep® Compass Bedrock adds a sporty touch to your Jeep® SUV. 


The premium quilted seat covers, exclusive to the Jeep® Compass Bedrock, offer the right mix of comfort and support with a snug fit. To assist in staying in control for every adventure.


The high-quality roof rails on the Jeep® Compass Bedrock is a handy addition to help you carry equipment on all your off-roading adventures.


An extra pair of eyes can make all the difference when parking in a tight spot. And, that’s what you get with the Jeep® Compass Bedrock that’s equipped with a reverse parking camera to help stay in control at all times.


The Jeep® Compass Bedrock comes equipped with tough side steps to help you climb in and out of your Jeep® SUV, while adding a rugged look to the Compass’ profile.

Bedrock Edition is an accessorized package available in limited quantity on Jeep Compass Sport variant, centrally coordinated with the specialized suppliers to ensure consistency, quality, fit and finish. The warranty terms & conditions for Bedrock elements will be same as applicable for accessories items.