Building on the Jeep® Brand tradition of trusted resilience, the Jeep® Compass continues the story. Over 50 available safety and security features are combined with the latest technology and contemporary engineering to alert you of risks and help protect you in the face of danger.


Apart from a strong body structure, the Compass is also equipped with advanced chassis controls including Four-channel Anti-lock Brakes, full-function Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control, Panic Brake Assist, Hydraulic Boost Failure Compensation, Electronic Roll Mitigation etc. These features help prevent any untoward driving situation and minimise damage.

6 Air Bags

Full-length side curtains for front and rear-passengers, seat mounted side airbags for front occupants, driver single-stage and front passenger airbags - all work together to surround you with confidence.

Cornering Fog Lamps

Wouldn't it be an ideal drive if you could effortlessly pre-empt the road ahead? The fog lamps on this SUV are engineered to help you do exactly that. So while turning corners, these lamps switch on automatically depending on the direction of the turn, enabling you to corner confidently.

All Season Tyres

Seasons come and go but tyres should not. The Jeep® Compass comes with all season tyres that are durable and resilient enough to meet the demands of any season and come out strong.

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

Leading the segment in convenience and safety for you and your loved ones. The EPB adapts based on the driver's actions. The automatic drive away release system senses if the vehicle is safe to launch and disengages. It also engages automatically when it senses open doors and unbuckled seatbelts while the driver exits the vehicle without engaging the parking brake. The EPB ensures safety leaving you stress-free to enjoy every ride.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

A vehicle-wide network of safety sensors provide instant aid should they detect you're veering off your intended path. ESC coordinates Electronic Roll Mitigation, Hill Start Assist, Antilock Brake System and all-speed grip control, sending them into action when needed.


A result of convenience and security rolled into one. The Jeep® Compass is equipped to unlock and be ready to launch as soon as the key fob is in proximity of the vehicle. Moreover, launching the vehicle is easy as it features push button electronic start. 


Parking lots and tight parking spaces are the source of lots of dings and dents. The All-New Compass is available with some of the most advanced and comprehensive systems in the market today to help you avoid trouble and navigate your way in and out.